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≧◔◑◔≦ 10% Discount on Orders Over $39.99. πŸ””ΰ­§(๑‒̀◑‒́๑)ΰ«­
We Have Clean Water to Drink

We Have Clean Water to Drink

If you are looking for a water filter for outdoor use, the Berkey BB9 water filter may be the ideal water filter for your needs. Lightweight and portable, the Berkey BB9 water filter provides you with pure water outdoors without the need for a plug-in.
Convenient For Outdoor Use
If you're camping outdoors and don't have a convenient source of clean water, then you need a system that doesn't require electricity. Berkey filters work by gravity and therefore require no electricity to operate, giving you true portability.

Filter Capacity
Two Berkey BB9 cartridges that remove harmful contaminants from water such as lead, mercury, pesticides and solvents. The filters have a good lifespan; each filter effectively cleans 3000 gallons of water for a total of 6000 gallons of water. BB9 filters have excellent filtering capabilities. You just put water in the filter and it becomes pure drinking water.


  1. Remove the upper chamber of the system.
  2. Open the lid and remove the old water filter element from the upper chamber.
  3. Fill a clean container with clean water and soak the replacement water filter in the water for at least 30 minutes.Tilt the filter,while under water,so that any air bubbles can escape from both ends .
  4. Remove the water filter from the water.Cover the holes with either your fingers or the blue caps that came with the filter ,and shake the filter vigorously .Then tap them lightly on the counter to loosen any residual manufacturing dust.
  5. Put the new water filter back on.
  6. Return the upper chamber to the system by placing it onto the lower chamber.
  7. Fill the upper chamber with water and let it drain into the lower chamber.When the lower chamber is full,discard the first batch of water as it may contain residual manufacturing dust.The system is now ready for use.

Berkey water purifier is a very advanced product that utilizes advanced technology to purify water through BB9 water purifier. It is versatile enough to purify both treated and untreated water, providing you with fresh, clean drinking water no matter where in the world you travel.

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