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What is everyone saying

Exactly as described. These work JUST perfectly. So glad I decided to purchase here instead of straight from the name brand manufacturer. I have a "Gallery" style fridge.


This was the exact replacement for my Kitchenaid dishwasher. I’m very pleased with it. Has upper fold down parts that hold the utensils off the bottom of the basket. The original dishwasher basket did not have this.


This product fixed my whirlpool washer. The plastic nuts are a different thread pitch than the original so don’t lose them! Note that everything I saw online indicated to run diagnostics after install to calibrate the heating element.


Great! Fit perfectly into Vital 100, no smells... Excellent value. So far I am very pleased with this product. They look almost identical to the originals. Save your money and buy these. Half the price but will last you twice as long.

Peter Deane

Original lower paper filter was not snug. Thus creating dust. These 2 filters fit like a glove. Thank you so much! Haven't been using these for long, but they are perfect so far!

Rob Goblin

The new rollers I ordered should be much studier since they use metal axles. These were a PERFECT fit for our Kenmore W10620235 dishwasher. It truly is a better product than the OEM.

John R. Welch

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