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≧◔◡◔≦ 10% Discount on Orders Over $39.99. 🔔୧(๑•̀◡•́๑)૭
Get one in Your Backyard!

Get one in Your Backyard!

Weeding is usually not fun. This little tool makes it fun, and incredibly satisfying. Maybe you had no idea how deep crabgrass roots were until you got this. Tool is great for ripping out those nasty weeds and leaving your yard happy.

How to use this Manual Hand Weeder?

You put the little fork into the earth under the weed (It worked better if you did it between the leaves, not on top of one), push the handle down until the wood touches the ground, you hear a "pop", and the whole thing, full roots intact, just come right out.
More narrowly, this works for most medium sized weeds like something around 2" high maybe or 3" width leaf diameter. If the weed is too early or too small, you'll only be pulling leaves off of the weed. If the root is too big, use a shovel which is what you did when you had to pull out a long left weed about 3 feet tall. Best is to have a moist soil, doesn't need to be super wet. Stick the front in at like a 20 degree slant right in front of the weed, hopefully the fork is at where the root is, and then push the handle downward. Up comes the weed and it's root while your hand or the handle is close to the ground.

If you have a big weeding job, this is your guy.

With this little tool, though, it's SO FAST. You stick the fork in, push down, pop, the whole thing comes out.

This weeder has made it so much easier to deal with the weeds around your plants without making too much of a mess & damaging the plants that you want to be there. Way more effective than just trying to pull them by hand & having half the weed just rip off & probably sturdier than just using a screwdriver because the metal loop part gives some leverage. This weeder is a night and day difference. The leverage provided by the little dome thing makes all the difference. It gets in there and you're able to get the weed out relatively easy compared to the screwdriver style weeders.

There is something therapeutic about walking around the yard finding weeds to tear out.

Have had mixed success with lawn chemical weeding products over the years. Extra time during pandemic allowed for a brute force, mechanical weed removal approach on your lawn. This tool is strong enough to dig deep and remove crabgrass, dandelions, wild strawberries, etc. The lever is very useful.

By the way, if you need a crowbar to pull weeds out, may don't get this tool (and aerate first and let sit 4 weeks or more). This is one tool that DOES WORK! It's not the silver bullet but it does pull up most with minimum damage to surrounding grass.
The tool is a quality, well made item. It's strong, has a good, well attached handle.

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