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≧◔◡◔≦ 10% Discount on Orders Over $39.99. 🔔୧(๑•̀◡•́๑)૭

WE18X25100 Dryer Lint Screen Filter WE18M28 and Dryer Lint Cleaner Brush

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  • Part Number: WE18X25100
  • Color: Gray
  • Compatible Device: Dryer Screen
  • Material: Stainless Steel Screen,ABS Frame Construction
  • Package Includes: 1 x WE18X25100 Dryer Lint Filter,1 x Dryer Lint Cleaner Brush
  • WE18X25100 Lint Filter: Lint screen WE18X25100 and frame assembly of this dryer has a white ABS plastic frame and a metal stainless steel screen, which can fix the screen in the dryer at a 90°angle and collect the cotton flowing out of the dryer to the greatest extent lint and debris.
  • Replaces Numbers: WE18X25100, AP6037511, WE18M28, WE18M30, PS11767017, WE18M0019, WE18M0021, WE18M19, WE18M21, WE18M22, WE18M23, WE18M25, WE18M27, WE18M29, 4457047, AP6037511, PS11767017, EAP11767017.
  • Compatible with GE Models: DWSR405GB0WW, DWSR483EB0WW, DBXR463EB0WW, BWXR473ET0WW, BWXR473ET2WW, BWXR473ET3WW, BWXR473EV0AA, BWXR473EV0WW, BWXR473GT0WW, BWXR473GT2WW, BWXR473GT3WW, BWXR473GT5AA, BWXR473GT5WW, DBB3300EA0AA, DBB3300EA0WW, DBB3300EA1AA, DBB3300EA1WW, DBB3300GA0AA, DBB3300GA0WW, DBB3300GA1AA, DBB3300GA1WW, DBB3300GA2AA, DBB3300GA2WW, DBB5000EF0GG, etc..
  • Fisher & Paykel: DE04-US1, DE04-US2, DE04-US5, DE04-US6, DE05-US0, DE05-US1, DE06, DE08, DE08-96989, DE09-US0, DE60FA-96987, DE60FA-US1-96987, DE60FA1, DE60FA2-96983, DE60FA27AW2-96983, DE70FA1-96971, DG04-US1, DG04-US2, DG04-US6, DG05-US0, DG05-US1, DG06, DG06-96992, DG09-US0, DG60F27EW11-96978, DG60FA2-96979, DG60FA27AW2-96979.

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